sexta-feira, 2 de março de 2012


Perdoem-me a ausência. Tentarei voltar de forma regular na próxima semana.Entretanto, vou tentando manter o meu compromisso aqui.

Sunflower beauty surrounds me
Against a sky of grey.
The night time falls down upon me
At the closing of this day.
Words can not explain the feeling that my heart speaks of:
The choices, the boundaries
When I feel the pain of all these thoughts of mine:
The questions, the answers.

When will I realize all of life is amazing...
Take it in, let it go, can’t you see,
It’s all amazing!

I need the feeling of sunlight
To help forget the cold.
Between the spaces of daylight
There lives a frozen soul.
Here we go again, this wand’ring mind won’t settle down,
If just for a second.
When I think it’s done, it starts right up again,
Unending, relentless.

Melt away, let life flow,
Just give in, just let it go.
The current’s strong, but so am I,
Amazing things don’t ever die.

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sara f disse...

pretty lyrics :-)
que nunca deixemos de nos espantar