sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

... e mar

Porque nada melhor do que terminar o dia a respirar mar. Na Costa Nova, em Aveiro.
Have you ever sailed on vast ocean,
With no island to see, and things are out of reach?
With dreams and mysteries filled this ocean,
And a never ending faith that someone would teach?

Have you ever felt that feeling,
Of a deep calmness within you that's hard to fight?
And no one could help you believing,
That you're striving for the right?

Did you ever sailed on an ocean,
That further placed upon your heart?
For deeply below this ocean,
Lies a silent whisper, where love starts.

An ocean of Love, the ocean of dreams
Where you can find solace and exceptional truth
Though pain resides even if you don't dream
As the existence of love bears its fruit.
-Lovelyn Layon-

[foto acima tirada pela Dina]

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